Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Check Out This Epic Maze a Cat Owner Made for His Cats

If you have a cat, or happen to adore cats, you probably know how much they love boxes. LOVE.

So this guy named Chris Poole, a somewhat YouTube star thanks to his cats, has created a pretty epic cat maze. I learned of this thanks to's coverage of the maze. The maze, as you can see in the video below, is made of 50 boxes and the two cats enjoy themselves endlessly.

The video shows how he cuts the boxes and lines them up to create a maze. Each cat has their own exploring technique such as hopping from box to box to slithering between the holes cut open for them or weaving in and out and around the boxes. There are also treats inside the boxes the cats can find to make the whole thing worthy.

This video is unbelievably adorable and absolutely will make your day. Check it out below -


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ready for a New Taco Bell Shell? Meet the Naked Egg Taco.

The people who brought us the Dorito taco shell and other unique creations, have now brought us the Naked Egg Taco. What makes this creation unique is that it's entirely made of fried egg. It's an inside out breakfast you guys! Tucked inside is potatoes, bacon or sausage and cheese and it will be available to us all nationwide starting August 31st.

Liz Matthews, Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell Corp says, "Shell innovation is at the core of where we experiment - and whether it's crispy chicken, biscuits or waffles that wrap up menu item classics - we bring our fans craveable and unexpected food experiences that leave them wanting more."

Plus if you are in New York, Laguna Beach, Austin Texas, and Chicago, you have the chance to reserve a table to try this out for yourself. Visit OpenTable here and make your reservation.

This breakfast taco is going to be available for a limited time for $1.99 or part of a breakfast combo.

And how is the internet reacting?

Well, here's what we all have to say -

What do you think about the Naked Egg Taco? Will you be ordering it?

Monday, August 14, 2017

These Wichita Fire Crews Saved this Pup's Day

(Original Story posted to The Witchita Eagle).

Anyone up for some puppy news? I get these news alerts each day and I had to share this news out of Witchita, Kansas.

So this little adorable puppy got his head stuck in the middle of a tire somehow. Check out this tweet!

According to the post on Facebook, resident's DID try to get the little puppy's head out of the tire but they weren't successful. Hence, the unusual call to the fire department. With soapy water, the crew was able to free the puppy from the wheel and is now in the arms of his owner.

I'd say this person says it best -


Saturday, August 12, 2017

98 Degrees to Release New Christmas Album and Go on Tour

Anyone a fan of 98 Degrees? If you are, you will be extremely excited to learn that the yare about to release a new Christmas album. Entitled, "Let It Snow," 98 Degrees four person harmony including Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, will be available for purchase by October 13, 2017. 

What was old is new again, right? It's been 18 years since their last Christmas album, "This Christmas" and their first album in four years. 

Drew Lachey said this was an easy decision to make. "As a group, our favorite record, hands down is [This Christmas]." Even better? Guys love it too. Drew continues to say, "We have primarily a female audience, but we'll have guys come up to us and say, 'You know what? I love the Christmas album, my mom bought it for me.' It's bro code that the Christmas album's allowed."

The album will include 12 songs such as, "Let it Snow," "Little Saint Nick," and "Run Rudolph Run." Each song was personally selected by a member of the band. So you have the nice boy band personalized touch! 

Is anyone else getting excited? Well here's one reason more. They are also going on a concert tour! It's a 31 city tour starting on November 10th and concluding on December 23rd. Presale tickets start selling on August 15th and are on sale everywhere Friday, August 18th. 

Be sure to visit their website to find out where there is a tour near you and to keep an eye out for when you can purchase an album. Also, like their page for Facebook updates. 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ozeri Salt and Pepper Shaker - My Review

Are you in need of a new salt and pepper shaker? Maybe one that takes out the hassle of salt and pepper getting everywhere thanks to you vigorously shaking?

Everyone meet the Ozeri Salt and Pepper Shaker. I'm kind of really into this thing.

So, this thing looks really fancy and it's really handy all the same time. When you get it, it's actually really easy to put together once you get the batteries in it. And you basically flip it over to get the grinding started and that's it. It just starts. No fierce shaking required. It's a tad slow, but I really don't think that's so abnormal. I've noticed a lot of automatic grinders are like that.  I think the most appealing thing about this is how incredibly easy this is to fill with salt or peppercorns. That is usually my biggest frustration with automatic or regular pepper grinders or salt shakers.

The thing that is the only downside is the amount of batteries this uses. It uses six AAA batteries and that is quite a lot to me. I really hope that this means that these shakers will last a long time. I kind of wish these were the type you could charge or something as I hate buying batteries (they're so expensive!)

Price wise they aren't bad. They go for $29.95 right now on Amazon.

Purchase now on Amazon.

I received the above products to review and have included an affiliate link for which I will receive small compensation if you purchase through my link.


Fran's Chocolate Sauce Review

There's a chocolate sauce out there that just fills my heart with such joy. It's called Fran's Chocolates. They've been around since 1982 and offer quality, tasty chocolate. Every time I've been lucky enough to try some, I've been rewarded to try such rich, tastily made chocolate.

First, ingredients matter a lot to me, and when you visit their website and read about the ingredients they select for their chocolate, you should be very pleased to choose their products. First, they're gluten-free, they're fair trade and organic, and are non-gmo as well. Read more about the ingredients found in their chocolates. 

I had the chance to review their single park bars and also their chocolate sauce. I loved this stuff. I have a confession too. I took like a couple of spoonfuls a day of this stuff. I confess I didn't make it for anything. I just ate it casually like it was my usual thing. This stuff is good. It's rich and it's chocolately. I'd say for those who say they don't like things TOO sweet to cut the sweetness with vanilla ice cream.

And in case you want to step outside the box and actually use chocolate sauce for something more than just by the spoonful, I've accumulate some must try recipes for you.

Twix Brownies

Get the recipe.

I am gluten-free but I'm sure one clever person can turn this recipe into gluten-free goodness. It takes one of my favorite candies and turns it into an incredible dessert that should be tried by all.

Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Get this recipe.

This is a fast and easy ice cream cake that I could see even myself making. It includes chocolate sauce, brownie mixes, and chocolate sandwich cookies and ice cream sandwiches. And if you are hankering for something just amazing, I think you should try this.

Mini Peanut Butter and Banana Pies

Get this recipe.

This is also another tasty dessert that is made with cream cheese, peanut butter, and a topping of whip cream and chocolate sauce. This is bound to make your taste buds leap with joy.

Death by Chocolate Monkey Bread

Get this recipe.

This one is made with biscuits, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. You can never have too much chocolate.

Layered Mint Chocolate Brownies

Get this recipe.

I'm kind of into the whole mint and chocolate thing. Aren't you? This one uses two cups of chocolate syrup and peppermint extract in its ingredients and has three layers. Oh yes. This is a good one.

S'mores Pizza Dessert

Get this recipe.

I really love s'mores. I think this pizza idea makes it even that much better. This one uses chocolate chip cookies, graham crackers, chocolate chips and marshmallows with chocolate syrup for drizzling.

Now if you're tastebuds feel inspired, purchase Fran's Chocolate Sauce and you can buy one jar for $10. That is an incredible deal. Purchase now.

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, July 21, 2017

5 Must-Have Skin Care Products for the Summer

There are some beauty products that have become staples for me this summer. Obviously, there are some products that are must have such as sunscreen for your face, waterproof sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF, ideally. But as the summer weighs in heavy and the heat becomes pretty blech, I tend to minimize my make up and increase my skin care.

Here's a few items that should be added to your must-have list:

1) Rosewater Glycerin Spray

I actually get this at Whole Foods and this is a must-have. It's light, smells gently like roses, and soothes your skin.  The brand that I use in particular is Heritage Products. Right now, Vitacost has it for $6.92, which is cheaper than what Heritage's online store is selling it for and cheaper than Amazon.

Shop Now

2) Makeup Remover

I know I just said that I don't use makeup remover, but I do at least put on foundation, mascara, some blush and lipstick. So, at the end of the day, I want a clean slate for my face. I tend to not be a huge fan of face washes at night, but I do use a cleansing facial wipe to get rid of dirt, makeup, and anything else that could be clogging on my skin. I use the Simple, Sensitive Skin cleaning wipe. It's the best on my skin, leaves it feeling really good afterwards, not drying at all, and pretty affordable.

Shop Now

3) Coconut Oil

Since using coconut oil for my face, my skin has done a total turnaround. I feel like it actually glows. I put it on in the morning under my foundation and it just leaves my skin feeling so good. I don't have dry areas and it just balances out my skin tone.

Lately, I have been using coconut oil by Shea Moisture. And for an all body experience, I've started using their Hydration Body Oil made with coconut oil and coconut milk. This is actually perfect for the rest of the body, like making sure my legs stay summer smooth!

Shop Now

4) An excellent smelling body wash.

I'm very much into light scents for the summer. Mostly because I find perfumes to be a bit too heavy in the hotter weather. So, scented body washes tend to be the best match for me and I'm personally loving this surprising scented body wash by Shea Moisture called, "Dragon's Blood and Coffee Cherry." (photographed above!) I was a little wary with it thinking it just sounded too weird but this is amazing stuff. It smells SO rich. And the body wash goes a long way too. I also got some scrub with the same scent and I can't wait to try it.

Shop Now

5) Lip balm.

I mentioned lip balm earlier and I am very cautious with what I use on my lips. My skin can be surprisingly sensitive and some lip balms just make my lip skin tear up and get really raw and irritated. So, recently I started using this hydrating lip balm by Nyakio. It goes on clear, unscented, and is pretty long lasting. It comes in a small tube but I don't find that I need to reapply it a lot. I'm using both the Baobab Lip balm and the Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish.  They are bit on the expensive side - about $22 - $24, but I think they're worth it.

Purchase Now. 

So what are your go to beauty and skin care products for the summer?

I received the above photographed items in exchange for my honest review.