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Is Starbucks Gold Card Really Worth It? (And What Happened to the "Way I See it" Cups?)

Last month or so, I finally received a Starbucks Gold Card!
I was actually really excited because I was determined to get it this time. I usually get Starbucks Gift Cards and never think anything of it after the balance drained out. But in order to keep better track of my coffee money, I decided to reload the card and therefore, my Starbucks Gold Card mission began.
And then I got it!
So, final question -
Is it worth it?
It's hard to say. It's pretty exciting to get the little reward that gives you a free coffee or free food item, but it's lackluster. I don't really go out and buy a lot of their food and my coffee drinks aren't expensive either.
I'm hoping to see a little perk for the long term. Sure, some days they will have promotions going on but it isn't exactly exclusive for gold members.
So unless you buy an expensive $5 coffee drink or go after their meals or something, I'd say that you aren't missing out on anything.
On another …

Syncing Your Tweets from Multiple Twitter Accounts to Multiple Facebook Pages

I blog and social network like a boss, I must say. Now, I have three blogs I manage and that means I have three different Facebook pages I manage too. It is virtually impossible for me to sync up my Facebook account to different Twitter accounts and I am not great about using HootSuite to manage them either.


The Selective Twitter app via Facebook!

I came across the solution when I didn't want to send out a tweet to my Facebook page and only to Twitter and apparently there is a solution!

So, you go to this app and let them connect to your Facebook account. You link up via your regular profile and then there is also a pages tab where you can list which accounts will post to your different pages.

Then, for every tweet you send out, use the hashtag "#fb" after you've connected your two accounts and you'll see the tweet get sent out to your Facebook page. See below for my own example!

It works pretty well, although I h…

Top Five Annoying Facebook Friends

Facebook is a staple for a lot of people. You go on, you scroll through friend's updates, compare and contrast your life to others, check out funny internet memes, and read the news. There's always those few people who bother you on Facebook and I've accumulated a small handful I've noticed that are just really irritating to me.

1) The "Un-Friender."

Okay so I've done it too. It's irritating though once you realize you aren't seeing someone's posts anymore on Facebook. You look at your friends list and you notice they aren't there. Even more annoying is that when you search for them on Facebook, it's not like they've deleted a themselves either! They are still there on Facebook. You were unfriended. It always feels personal no matter how minimal the real life connection to them.

2) The "I Like Everything" Friend.

There's always one of those supportive friends who like your posts no matter how ridiculous the status up…