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Is Starbucks Gold Card Really Worth It? (And What Happened to the "Way I See it" Cups?)

Last month or so, I finally received a Starbucks Gold Card!

I was actually really excited because I was determined to get it this time. I usually get Starbucks Gift Cards and never think anything of it after the balance drained out. But in order to keep better track of my coffee money, I decided to reload the card and therefore, my Starbucks Gold Card mission began.

And then I got it!

So, final question -

Is it worth it?


It's hard to say. It's pretty exciting to get the little reward that gives you a free coffee or free food item, but it's lackluster. I don't really go out and buy a lot of their food and my coffee drinks aren't expensive either.

I'm hoping to see a little perk for the long term. Sure, some days they will have promotions going on but it isn't exactly exclusive for gold members.

So unless you buy an expensive $5 coffee drink or go after their meals or something, I'd say that you aren't missing out on anything.

On another note, in search for a pretty good photo for this post, I came across a photo that reminded me of the Way I See It cups that were once popular. I used to love those whenever I bought coffee!

I did a little digging and according to the question and answer site, Quora, someone said that there was quite a lot of controversy that went down with some of the quotes that went on the mug. . Another article I found sort of confirmed that notion about the political and religious statements that started to appear on the mug. 

In my opinion, I thought they were really cool and I would love to see something like that return.

Do you have a gold card? Was it worth it long term? What did you think of the Way I See It mugs?


  1. I'm on my way to Gold and wondering if it's worth the trouble. I buy bags of beans that have the little star sticker on them, so I figured, "Why not?" I think I've got 10 to go before gold. I'll let you know!

  2. @Holly - it's sort of worth it but I'm not quite as excited as I thought I would be! I hope long term I begin to appreciate my gold status :)

  3. but their bagels and cream cheese are really good..... :D

  4. @Andrea - I MISS BAGELS! Haha, after discovering I had a wheat allergy I've cut out bread. Now toast is my new "cheat" food. I've heard they have flourless cookies I may need to try testing purposes. :)

  5. I don't drink Starbucks however I have in the past and I love their coffee. The only problem is that they can be super expensive! I'm sure the gold card would be totally worth it. :)

  6. I've been Starbucks Gold since Jan 2010 (card holder since July 2003) and I love it. The program changed a year or so ago when they took away milk and syrup free upgrades (you pay extra for them, Gold card or not), but I still consider it a nice perk. It's not just the free drink or food for every 12 stars. I also get regular emails for bonus stars, buy one get one free, food, free tastings for new products. I like it a lot.

  7. I personally don't drink coffee. My daughter loves the $5 foo foo drinks though. I limit how much of those she can have.

  8. I dont have a starbucks thats super close. Closest one is a five minute drive. However with 2 young kids and a hectic schedule driving 5 minutes just for a coffee is not worth it to me especially since I have a coffee maker here at home.

  9. I love their coffee, but since I stopped working I can't afford them as often so it isn't worth me trying to get their gold card. I do miss those cups though, they were fun to read. :)


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