Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On What's Trending - 3/4/2014

A new - probably not daily,
maybe weekly - feature to Fancy That! is a glance at what's trending today on Google Trends.

Today is National Pancake Day and IHOP is bringing in the goods with free short stacks all day. I love holidays that give restaurants a reason to giveaway something for free.

Next we need to have National Wine Day and National Car Day and see what happens.

Dancing With the Stars

The newest season's cast is revealed and a lot of 90s television fans will see some familiar faces! May the D-list celebrity dance off commence!

South Park Stick of Truth

A new RPG game for fans of South Park leaves me wondering if we will ever hear the end of this really annoying cartoon.


I wondered why this random thing was trending until I realized the real reason it's trending - Fat Tuesday.

With National Pancake Day being today maybe we should have National Broccoli Day and Skinny Wednesday tomorrow.

LeBron James

King James scored big! I know absolutely nothing about pro-basketball so apparently 61 points in a game is a good thing.

Fancy That!

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