Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Starbucks Gold Card Really Worth It? (And What Happened to the "Way I See it" Cups?)

Last month or so, I finally received a Starbucks Gold Card!

I was actually really excited because I was determined to get it this time. I usually get Starbucks Gift Cards and never think anything of it after the balance drained out. But in order to keep better track of my coffee money, I decided to reload the card and therefore, my Starbucks Gold Card mission began.

And then I got it!

So, final question -

Is it worth it?


It's hard to say. It's pretty exciting to get the little reward that gives you a free coffee or free food item, but it's lackluster. I don't really go out and buy a lot of their food and my coffee drinks aren't expensive either.

I'm hoping to see a little perk for the long term. Sure, some days they will have promotions going on but it isn't exactly exclusive for gold members.

So unless you buy an expensive $5 coffee drink or go after their meals or something, I'd say that you aren't missing out on anything.

On another note, in search for a pretty good photo for this post, I came across a photo that reminded me of the Way I See It cups that were once popular. I used to love those whenever I bought coffee!

I did a little digging and according to the question and answer site, Quora, someone said that there was quite a lot of controversy that went down with some of the quotes that went on the mug. . Another article I found sort of confirmed that notion about the political and religious statements that started to appear on the mug. 

In my opinion, I thought they were really cool and I would love to see something like that return.

Do you have a gold card? Was it worth it long term? What did you think of the Way I See It mugs?

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Syncing Your Tweets from Multiple Twitter Accounts to Multiple Facebook Pages

I blog and social network like a boss, I must say. Now, I have three blogs I manage and that means I have three different Facebook pages I manage too. It is virtually impossible for me to sync up my Facebook account to different Twitter accounts and I am not great about using HootSuite to manage them either.


The Selective Twitter app via Facebook!

I came across the solution when I didn't want to send out a tweet to my Facebook page and only to Twitter and apparently there is a solution!

So, you go to this app and let them connect to your Facebook account. You link up via your regular profile and then there is also a pages tab where you can list which accounts will post to your different pages.

Link up a Twitter account to your personal profile (click the photo for a closer look!)

Then link up your Twitter accounts to your Facebook pages (click the photo for a closer look!)

Then, for every tweet you send out, use the hashtag "#fb" after you've connected your two accounts and you'll see the tweet get sent out to your Facebook page. See below for my own example!

Click the photo for a closer look!

It works pretty well, although I have noticed it is a little iffy at times ,especially when posting from mobile it seems. But overall it's a great solution!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Five Annoying Facebook Friends

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook, but I am a somewhat active lurker and I've figured out there are about five Facebook friend types out there that annoy the living hell out of me.

1) The "Un-Friender."

I have had people I've thought were my friend randomly UN friend me. I was pissed! Another form of this is someone you assume was or is a friend of yours, yet the REFUSE to accept your request.

2) The "I Like Everything" Friend.

I've had this happen to me once and it got to the point where I had to block this person. This is a friend who likes every post, photograph, and every comment you make. It gets weirder if you don't know them that well.

3) The friend that stops existing.

I've been guilty of this, but I find it annoying when people stop posting and there's no clear reason why. I like seeing posts from people I know, so realizing they've stopped without telling me does annoy me.

4) The Perfect Plans Friend

This may be out of jealousy, but I am annoyed by the friends who seem to have the perfect plans and photographs (aka proof), no matter the occasion. They always have a costume party on Halloween, they appear on the news because of creative snowpocalypse events, and even manage to have an epic St. Patrick's Day. This friend will make your social life look pathetic.

5) The friend who never replies to your comments.

I really really don't like this. I don't need an actual reply every time, but if I've made the effort to reply to someone's post, can I get some recognition?

What Facebook friends or behavior bothers you?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's Annoying...About Chipotle's Price Increase on Guacamole

If you haven't heard, California had a really bad drought this year. As a result, the price of avocados are going to be increasing because of the impact of this drought on the crop.

You know what's annoying about this?

That you get to hear the word "guac" (pronounced g - wok) thrown around by news programs and everyone else interested in this story.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On What's Trending - 3/4/2014

A new - probably not daily,
maybe weekly - feature to Fancy That! is a glance at what's trending today on Google Trends.

Today is National Pancake Day and IHOP is bringing in the goods with free short stacks all day. I love holidays that give restaurants a reason to giveaway something for free.

Next we need to have National Wine Day and National Car Day and see what happens.

Dancing With the Stars

The newest season's cast is revealed and a lot of 90s television fans will see some familiar faces! May the D-list celebrity dance off commence!

South Park Stick of Truth

A new RPG game for fans of South Park leaves me wondering if we will ever hear the end of this really annoying cartoon.


I wondered why this random thing was trending until I realized the real reason it's trending - Fat Tuesday.

With National Pancake Day being today maybe we should have National Broccoli Day and Skinny Wednesday tomorrow.

LeBron James

King James scored big! I know absolutely nothing about pro-basketball so apparently 61 points in a game is a good thing.

Fancy That!

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