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Florida Coast Coffee Review and Giveaway [Ends 11/15]

I can't wait to share this coffee blend with you! I had the chance to try coffee made by Florida Coast Coffee and I was so impressed by how tasty it was!

But first, to share a little bit about the background of Florida Coast Coffee! Florida Coast Coffee was made by best friends who are from the tropical region and wanted to create a coffee that showed off the true flavors of the Florida coast. They created coffee blends with the Florida flair featuring blends such as "Tiki Bar Rum Cake" "Toasty Toasted Coconut" or "Coastline Regular Roast" (and so much more!). Basically they wanted to give coffee drinkers a true taste of sub-tropical climate so you have "paradise in every cup."

I had the chance to try Kick Back Key Lime and Coastline Regular!

I love how they describe the coffees on their site - here's what they say about Kick Back Key Lime:

"Arriving on the beach after a morning of snorkeling in the Keys, it’s time for a perfectly roa…

Deal Alert! Purchase Those Christmas Dresses's NOW!

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I can't wait to share the latest deals going at Jane and Jack, Crazy 8(for last minute school shopping must-haves!) and Gymboree.

Jane and Jack are now out with their Christmas dresses! You know you will want to check these out - these look adorable!

Crazy 8's $8.88 jean sale is going on now through Sunday (free shipping with orders over $50!)

Gymboree has 40% off everything right now too!

Take advantage of these sales now and let me know what you get!

Make a Custom T-Shirt for the Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is just around the corner and that means you'll be spending much more time with family and preparing for the days ahead!

I wanted to let you know about some great design ideas going on with CustomInk!

Check out the latest in designs that you can customize for YOUR family!

Send Me Gluten Free Subscription Box [Review & Giveaway] [Ends 11/7]

I am gluten sensitive and I have found that it is very very hard to find good gluten-free products (that taste good anyway). So I was really excited to try Send Me Gluten Free, a monthly subscription box that sends you gluten free snacks (and coupons!) to try.

The Send Me Gluten Free subscription box may be new, but they are not new to the idea of living gluten free! Some of the staff of Send Me Gluten Free as well as many of their families live gluten free and they know all about that lifestyle. Plus since 2007 they've been part of Gluten and Allergen Expos and launched a gluten-free restaurant finder app called Find Me Gluten Free. They recently launched the subscription box service to reach people like you and me that maybe don't think of going to gluten free expos and want the comfort of trying snacks and other goodies from home.

How it works is that Send Me Gluten Free will ship you a snack box filled with 8 to 12 gluten free products (not just snacks!) from full size to…

Make Your Laundry Smell Fantastic with Purex Crystals Aromatherapy! [Review and Giveaway] [Ends 11/7]

I am so excited to bring you this new Purex product! It's aromatherapy crystals that you can toss in with your laundry (washer or dryer!).

Purex has come out with three scents - Energy, WellBeing, and Serenity.  I had the chance to try out the Energy scent and it smells INCREDIBLE! The energy scent has a lemony zesty kind of flavor and I couldn't wait to try it with my laundry. And more than just laundry, this made for a great way to make my closet smell good! I grabbed a handful and toss some in a little small mesh bag and hung a couple of them on a hanger or two and it made my closet smell great!

But best of all, how does it work with laundry?

I tossed a small cup full (not even the whole cup provided, about a third of that) into the dryer with some laundry and let the dryer do its job! I was a little concerned at first about how this would turn out considering that the initial "smell test" of the aromatherapy crystals turned out to be they smelled really strong (al…

You've Just Been BOO-ed by BuyCostumes

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You've just been "BOO-ed" by BuyCostumes! The latest chain reaction game sweeping this Halloween season has just hit your screen with a super discount - 20% off EVERYTHING at BuyCostumes when you use coupon code: AFCBOO20!

Now for the fun part... you get to go "BOO" your friends! Take this BuyCostumes offer and share it on their Facebook pages, pin it alongside their favorite Halloween pics, insert it into their Instagram feed, spread this "boo-tiful" offer everywhere!

Don't wait to share this offer - it expires 10/23. We wouldn't want you and your friends to miss out on the spooktacular savings!

WorldVisionCatalog - Buy Gifts and Do Good for the World #GiftCatalog [Review and Giveaway]

As you start writing out your shopping list for the holiday season (yes! it's almost that time) I want you to consider shopping at

Here's information that I received about WorldVision -

"Since it first began in 1996, the popularity of World Vision’s Gift Catalog as a gift-giving alternative has grown substantially, with over 844,000 people in the U.S. and around the world contributing in the last fiscal year alone. The catalog gives shoppers a tangible way to improve the lives of children, adults and communities in different areas of need: clean water, food, education, sexual exploitation and job training, among others.

“Every year we search the globe to find new products with life-saving impact,” says Cheryl DeBruler, World Vision Gift Catalog manager. “You don’t have to spend a fortune to bring tremendous social change. For $22, less than the cost of an average smartphone cover, you can provide an innovative blanket that not only protects children from the…

Aroma Ridge Coffee and Teas [Review and Giveaway] [Ends 10/30]

If you haven't had the chance to try Aroma Ridge Coffee, you are definitely missing out. This is coffee company always has something new to offer and I'm always impressed by what I can try out.
Aroma Ridge has been around a long time, too. They started more than twenty years ago as a small family business and now you can find their coffees across the country. Despite their growth they still continue to build their business around the ideals of buying from high quality growers, roasting beans to perfection and delivering excellent customer service.

I had the chance to try two different types of coffee - Baba's Roast and Mama's Roast! Of the two, I really enjoyed Baba's Roast the most (totally didn't mean to rhyme right there). But they were both fantastic coffees. Baba's Roast, created by the Dad of the Aroma Ridge family, blends three amazing roasts for a medium-dark roasted coffee. Mama's Roast is more of a bold, sweet combination (blending three differ…

Halloween Treat Bag Giveaway [Ends 10/23]

Halloween Treat Bag Giveaway! Prize value is over $100! One lucky person will win it all! ____________________________________________________________ Enter to win a Simple Savings For ATL Moms Halloween Treat Bag Giveaway ~ This treat bag is filled with many sweet treats including coupons, Halloween Movies, gift cards, etc. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have been compensated to share this fantastic giveaway!  This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.
Fans of Simply Savings can connect with her via social media sites at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Email.

Pilot Pens - Best Tools for Hand Writers Everywhere! #shopletreviews.

Since I hand write my stories, I'm always in hunt over the right pens. Which ones last the longest? Do I want the clicker pen or the ones with the cap? Should I stick with black or do I want colors? I'm usually pretty basic in my approach, but since I had the chance to try out the wide variety of pens sent to me by Pilot, I thought I would take each type into consideration!

• Frixion Clicker - Erasable Pen

I'm in love with this erasable pen. I could never write in pencil when I'm drafting a story, but there's something cringe worthy about having to scratch out a mistake when I'm writing. To be able to go back and erase something means so much when you are a writer! This also works really well too, and you don't experience a lot of faded pen markings that usually happens with erasable pen. Not to mention the quality is still great too (not choppy, nearly broken pen marks either)!

• Frixion Highlighter Erasable

The same goes for erasing...HIGHLIGHTED marks. I …

Outfit Your Family for Halloween with Costume Express - Save 20%

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Do you find yourself driving all over town, from store to store, just to find the perfect costumes to outfit your family in for Halloween? If so, now is the time to stop that tradition! Save yourself time and money and check out Costume Express.

Costume Express specializes in outfitting your entire family for Halloween. With thousands of costumes and accessories to choose from, you're sure to find what you're looking for. The most sought-after costumes (Frozen, Batman, Maleficent, TMNT) - are all available for purchase at Costume Express and are quickly shipped right to your front door.

Get 20% off all orders at Costume Express when you shop by October 25th! Just enter coupon codeSAVETWENTY at checkout. Halloween just got a little less scary, right?

Partida Tequila - Rich, Tasty Tequila [Review]

I'm a huge fan of Tequila, particularly margaritas, and so I jumped at the chance to try out this particular brand of tequila.

This brand of tequila called, "Tequila Partida" is made from 100% blue agave, which is far less common than you might realize. The flavor profile of this tequila is almost that of fine wine and speaks to the origins of Mexico's historic Tequila region. Because of the way Partida grows the agave plants, the flavor in the tequila is fuller, riper, and richer.

I don't drink tequila straight, so I mixed in just a little bit of lime juice and triple sec in a glass mixed in with the sample sized amount of tequila I received. This made for such a tasty experience! One thing that makes this tequila stand out more than other tequilas I've tried before is the excellent taste. Most of the tequilas I've tasted before just taste too strong, but this had a rich flavor to it.

The only downside that I can see right now is that to buy this bottle…

Create the Ultimate Costume Look with BuyCostumes

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

If you are serious about dressing up, then you know that it takes a little more than a black cape and some boots to create an authentic Darth Vader. And no little Frozen-loving, Elsa wannabe is going to let you get away with buying just a simple dress without a blonde wig.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to head over to and check out over 100 different Head-to-Toe Costume Collections. In just one click, you can purchase everything you need (costume, props, accessories) to create the most complete and authentic look this Halloween, and save some money while doing so! 

No more endless searching trying to track down Captain America's shield and no more tears because Harry Potter's wand was accidentally overlooked. Here are a few of our favorite head-to-toe costumes:

Costume Collections for Girls
Costume Collections for Boys

Design Your Team T-Shirts with CustomInk

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

If you are a parent, coach, a member of the PTA, or involved with a school group, at some point you have probably canvassed your neighborhood looking for a good t-shirt printer. CustomInk is an online custom t-shirt printing service that provides a stress-free custom creation experience at an incredibly affordable price. Take a look at their Design Lab—it is chock full of ideas for teams and clubs, and their simple interface allows you to make it your own. Whether you are making 10 shirts to go to a chess match, or 100 for the Homecoming game, CustomInk can help you bring on that school spirit.

Below are some great design ideas which are all fully customizable in the CustomInk design lab. You can also browse more school-themed design ideas here.

Superheroes vs. Villains Halloween Costumes at BuyCostumes

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

This Halloween, celebrate the champion within or release your inner villain with costumes and accessories atBuyCostumes.

BuyCostumes has everything a family needs to bring out the best (or the worst) for Halloween. Why not do both and outfit the entire family (even the pet!) in costumes from Star Wars - both heroes and villains! Or have a little fun and pair up with the family next door and duke it out on the streets of your neighborhood—one family good, the other the ultimate clan of evil.

Dark or light, hero or scoundrel… whichever calls your name, BuyCostumes has got you covered. Here are a few ideas from both sides to give you some inspiration:
If you've found the perfect costume theme for your family this Halloween season, head on over to Make sure to use coupon code AFCBC2075 and you'll get 20% off orders over $75.

Halloween Party Ideas by Celebrate Express

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

A Halloween party is so much more than just a few costumes and a couple of bat cupcakes! Haunted house tour, favorite murder mystery re-enactment…there are so many exciting possibilities and Celebrate Express has what it takes to supply them all! 

Halloween Party Ideas
Decor: Setting a festive fright scene starts with a bold table. Start by layering together different patterns, you can make a totally unique party look that's super chic and super easy. Get this look in one convenient package with aCelebrate Express Halloween party in a box, or experiment with chevron party supplies, polka dot party supplies, and quatrefoil party supplies.

Treats: Candy is must-have on this holiday, but it can get a little monster make-over as well. Turn your treats into decor with easy candy kabobs! Coat some wooden skewers with cooking spray so that the candy won't get stuck, and press …