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Linkon Power Bank Portable Charger - Perfect for Travellers!

 I couldn't wait to try the Linkon Power Bank portable charger. It's the newest and greatest thing in my life right next to my texting gloves.

A few weeks ago, I was stuck on my bus going on home behind a terrible line of traffic thanks to thunderstorm that hit during the afternoon. It was AWFUL. It took me about an hour to just go about one mile. I was THIS close to walking.

As I watched the battery drain from my phone as I kept in touch with family to let them know where I was, I wanted a portable charger with me so I didn't have to worry about the battery running low and my phone turning off. Have you ever been in this scenario? It's a terrible feeling!

When I had the chance to review a portable charger, I jumped at the chance. The Linkon Portable Charger is sleek and portable. It came with a light gray velvet-y feeling holder and in the box there was the main charger hub, a power cord that goes into the power bank, and two little "stubs" as I like to call them that can fit into an Android phone or an iPhone (like I have).

It was pretty uncomplicated to use. You basically plug the main white cord into the power bank (you plug the USB end into the "out" part if you are charging your device) and I used the iPhone little stub and attached that to the other end of the white cord and plugged into my phone. I was actually able to start charging my phone the second I opened the power bank out of the box because it had about 3/4ths of a charge left.

Which brings me to the little display! The display which shows you numbers 1 - 100 in red digits will tell you how much of a charge is left in the power bank. If you charge it up all the way, I can last you several days (I was below 50% when I started to charge it again after a few days of using it, so you probably could use it longer than just a few days; I would say a fully charged power bank can last you 5 days up to a week, but I'm sort of guesstimating).

I noticed if I was using my phone while it plugged into the power bank it didn't charge very fast. As long as I left my phone alone it didn't take long to charge. It does however take long to charge the power bank. This is pretty easy to do, you use the tiny stub that looks more fitting for an Android phone and plug that into the other end of the IN part of the Linkon charger. And then you plug the USB end of the cord into a computer. It can take a couple of hours or more to charge this device but it's worth the time.

Overall, this is exactly what I'm hoping for. The only major issue is these tiny little stubs that go with the Linkon power bank will be so EASY for me too lose. They are so tiny and I wish the carrier that came with this device had a zipper or something. Since I carry a purse with me, this power cord is also very convenient and easy to carry.

I highly recommend this for anyone who hates worrying about losing a charge on your phone. Even if you don't travel a lot, I highly recommend this for anyone who has a semi-lengthy commute or something. You can purchase your charger by visiting Right now they run about $34.97.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.


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