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Send Me Gluten-Free - August Box Review (And Giveaway)

Some time ago, I had the chance to review the monthly subscription box for Send Me Gluten Free. It had a variety of interesting flavors and experiences to try - some I enjoyed more than others. And I had the chance to try out the July subscription box and I can't wait to tell you about it! Take a look at the photo above and that will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect inside, but here's more about each item I received -

Beanfield Bean Rice Chips - Nacho

You can't go wrong with chips and I love these bean & rice chips. They taste hearty and you can taste the mild bean flavor, which is a good thing (makes me feel healthy!). This is a better alternative to the standard chips you may buy in the store. I highly recommend trying these for yourself.

Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Aged Cheddar

Oh these were good, but EXTREMELY crunchy. Like, whoa, crunchy. But they were still awesome, and I loved the cheddar flavor.

Gluten Free Toast Cover

I haven't tried this, I'm trying to cut back on purchasing gluten-free bread these days (it's a bit expensive sometimes) but if you are in a toast mood, and you have a non-gluten free person sharing your toaster, this is a great item to use to protect your gluten-free bread from getting contaminated with gluten bread. Every bit of help counts!

Justin's Maple Almond Butter 

You may see these packets in stores and if you do, they make a great packet to add to your lunch or spread on an apple. It's just enough! I love this maple almond butter and it was such a nice treat to see in this box.

Yummy Snack Peppermint Bar

This was a bit too strange for me,  I actually didn't try this (my brother did). But you know what? He enjoyed it! So to each your own, I say!

Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels

How fun it was to see one of my favorite gluten-free brands in this box! Glutino! Well, you guys know that I've already had the chance to sample them before, so I just have to say these are great pretzels, although personally, I do prefer the buffalo style kind.

Home Free Mini Vanilla Cookies

Ah, these were good. My family and I had to share these. What great tasty mini-cookies these were. If you want an amazing snack tip - buy a pack of these with the JUstin's Maple Almond Butter and spread some of the almond butter on top of these mini cookies - DIVINE!

Go Raw Sunflower Seeds

You can't go wrong with sunflower seeds. I really like sunflower seeds in general, so this snack wasn't unfamiliar to me. I thought these tasted good and were exactly what I would expect from sunflower seeds (I was also VERY grateful these were mildly salted).


I haven't tried this just yet - it's a bit unfamiliar to me, so this may be one I let my brother just have. It isn't that I think it won't taste good - it probably will! But I'm not too huge a fan of things like these, and a little reluctant to take the plunge and try. But again, to each their own! You may love it!

Kickers All Natural Powdered Fruit Blends

I haven't tried this just yet either, as I'm not a fan of powdered blends, but I think this a great idea. It does have good ingredients though so definitely check it out.

Chia Salt Spray - Sample Size

You know what? I used this today before I left for work and I like this stuff! It gives you hair a nice feeling, sort of situates whatever style you are going for that day. It also makes your hair smell nice. It isn't as heavy laden as a lot of gels or hairsprays may be, and I really like that.

Jubilee Mix - Spicy Wholesome Trail Mix

This was a mixed bag for me. It's a great healthy snack and overall tastes decent tasting, but wasn't fulfilling to me.


One of my favorite feature of the Send Me Gluten Free box is the coupons. You can get some amazing deals and great products that you can purchase in the store. For example, there was a coupon for Cabot Cheese that I redeemed ($4.00 my purchase of Cabot cheese) and I had wanted to try it for some time now. Some other coupons I may not redeem, but just getting to see all these deals are my favorite parts of this subscription service.

As you can see by all the items listed above, you get an amazing variety of goodies. I think with subscription boxes, especially those that send out food or snack items, there will always be stuff you don't like and some you do, but each time I've tried Send Me Gluten Free, I've been really happy about the variety I get and I LOVE the coupons you get with each box. I think this is worth the subscription alone. If you eat a gluten-free diet, by choice or because of an allergy, than you will want to subscribe to this. You get the chance to try out so many different varieties of snacks and you are introduced to companies you may have not heard of before.

The pricing isn't bad either. If you want a month to month subscription, it's $19.85 plus $5 in shipping (totaling to $24.85). I think that's a great deal and a great price for how much you can get with each box. Subscribe to this subscription box by following this link.

And like I said, one of my lucky readers will win the October subscription box! Enter via Rafflecopter below. US Only. Ends 9/12.

If you can't wait for the giveaway to be over to get your subscription box, sign up now (and if you sign up through August 26th you can save 25% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription with code SCHOOL25). Also make sure you sign up for their newsletter to get updates about new gluten-free products. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and GooglePlus.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I love that its right to your door. With 4 busy kids that love to snack these look amazing for grab and go which we are always doing.

  2. I like that you can try a lot of new brands and not worry about whether they're gluten-free.

  3. i love that it is all gluten free and you can choose which subsciption you like

  4. I love that you can Rate products, get discounts. Great idea.

  5. Love that you always receive a variety of brands to try and perhaps fall in love with.

  6. I like that you can discover products you have never heard of.

  7. Visit Send Me Gluten Free's website and tell me what do you like best about their subscription service?

    the price is ofk thanks

  8. I like they give discounts and deliver straight to your door.

  9. I love that I'd get to try out new gluten free products every month! I think that at first the price *seems* a bit high, but if you think about the average cost of gluten free products, it really is a deal.....I mean how many times have you purchased a gluten free product only to try it once before the rest of the package ends up in the trash? I think all of us gluten free people have done this one too many times!

  10. I love that it is gluten free and full of wonderful suprises!! I have a son who has celiac and is having a very hard time make a complete switch to the gluten free lifestyle. I know that he would really enjoy getting a box like this in the mail to help him through these tough times.

  11. The best part of their service is everything,they make life so much easier.thanks so very much for sharing.

  12. I like best that you get full-size and sample size food and can try different products out.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  13. I love that you can subscribe and then forget about it and it will surprise you each month

  14. amy guillaume lindermanSeptember 3, 2015 at 6:15 AM

    i love that i can rate products and get coupon codes!

  15. I like that they reward you for your opinion by giving you coupon codes so you can continue getting all the best gluten free finds imaginable.

  16. I love that they always have discounts.

  17. I like the idea that the products come right to your door and less shopping.

  18. i like that they deliver straight to your door

  19. I like that there are options for subscription length!

  20. I like that you can get discounts if you rate the products. I also love the chance to try new products that I might not now about .

  21. I love that it's not just food they send

  22. My daughter and I are GF and not by choice. The best thing about this service is we would get to try some new things!

  23. I love that I get to try a variety of brands, get discount codes, and it's shipped right to me!

  24. I like that you can receive discounts if you rate the products

  25. I like that there are a variety of subscription lengths you can choose from

  26. I like that you can get discounts and coupons when you rate products

  27. I like that you can pick a subscription length that you would like

  28. What I like best is that someone like me who wants to try gluten free food can try all kinds of foods without having to spend a ton of money.

  29. I like that there are 8 to 10 new GF items in each box.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  30. I think that it's nice that it is a gluten free site.

  31. Reward you for your opinion by giving you coupon codes, the product itself & gluten free.

  32. I like that you can choose the subscription length.

  33. I like that I would be able to try out new Gluten Free products each month!

  34. You’ll get full-size and sample size food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support your gluten free lifestyle. My son has Celiacs so this is the perfect gift to give him for xmas this year.

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