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Your Menu Can Give Your Restaurant Pizazz

I love to eat out. I've got a list of favorite places that I go to all the time and I'm always game to try a new eatery. My top priority is the food. If I'm happy with the selection, the preparation, and the presentation, then I'm happy with the restaurant. Lately, I've been paying more attention to what I see when I walk into a dining establishment. I've made mental notes about my standby restaurants and a my latest discoveries. Besides the food, I've noticed the atmosphere and d├ęcor. I've figured out one more thing that can move a restaurant to the top of my personal list. It's the menus.

The Menu Should Grab Your Attention

A good restaurant is going to invest in menus. If the owners don't care about how their menus look, it suggests that they don't care that much about their business. On the flip side, putting time and money into menu covers can really make a difference for their guests. As I took a closer look at all of the menus in restaurants I recently visited, they were really eye-opening. I found out that an attractive menu made me want to look inside. It pulled me from page to page and better yet, it made me hungry. If the picture was unappealing, I was turned off.

You Do Judge a Menu by its Cover

If you're a restaurant owner and you're reading this, remember that people judge a book by its cover. The same holds true about your menus. Make sure they are colorful, have an attractive font, and include eye-catching photos of your best dishes. Make your patrons want to explore everything you have to offer. Put a little money into your menu and you'll reap the benefits.

Go Professional

Make sure you find a company that specializes on designing covers for menus. A good graphics design team can create anything you want in a menu. You can personalize it with your own photos or opt for stock photos. A menu company will pull it all together to give you exactly what you want. In the end, you'll have a menu that you are proud of, something that will decorate your tables alongside your napkins, tablecloth, and dishware. As you tick off your to-do list for the months ahead, take a look at your menus. If they need to be spiced up, find a company that can give you results. It could mean more loyal customers for you.

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  1. It's really true that the menu sells the food! I think I usually base what I order on the pictures more often than the actual menu listings!

  2. I agree the menu does make a huge impression, that the owners should be aware if they are concentrating on the food and don't realize the impact of the menu. I'm artsy, so this registers with me, as I love looking at menus!

  3. I feel this is very important. I am sure a nice menu does help in selecting what we want to eat that day.
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