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5 Easy Ritz-wiches Perfect for Spring!

Snack time is upon us! As spring break draws to a close, and we embark on the last remaining portion of the school year before the blissful summer time, I think it's time to think about...SNACK TIME! I got inspired to think about some clever Ritz-wich ideas when I was shopping in my Portland Albertson's store.

There are some clever ways to stack it up with RITZ! So I wanted to share some really tasty spring time themed Ritz-wiches with you and hopefully give you some ideas to #stackitup for your next snack time!

The one that I recently learned about I always get rave reviews about when I serve it up is the Mango Salsa-Cream Cheese Ritz-wich.

Here's what you'll need -

Albertsons' Signature Farms Fresh Made Mango Salsa
Cream Cheese
Ritz Crackers

So take two Ritz crackers, slather one with some cream cheese, top it off with a bit of the mango salsa, and then STACK IT UP! Top it with your second Ritz cracker. VOILA. Some tasty snack time action for ANY TIME of the day.

I was thinking about some other flavor combos that just cry out SPRING TIME.

Here's a few others -

Sweet Bri Ritz-wich

I discovered this amazing combination recently and it's also another snack that gets rave reviews!

What you need -
Raspberry Preserves
Brie Cheese
RITZ Crackers - OF COURSE!

Easy and simple recipe - simply spread a little raspberry preserves onto your Ritz cracker. Slice of a small piece of brie cheese. You can have it as an open faced Ritz-wich or top it off with another Ritz to make it a complete Ritzwich. Either way, I'm convinced you will enjoy it.

Pepper Jelly & Cheese Ritz-wich

What You'll Need

Tabasco Pepper Jelly
Cream Cheese
Ritz Crackers

This is also a really good combination. The pepper jelly isn't as hot as you may think, more sweet with a bit of a kick. So top your Ritz cracker with cream cheese and then dollop a bit of pepper jelly on top. VOILA! And awesome RITZ-wich for your snacking delight!

PB & Cranberry Ritz-WICH.

What You'll Need

Peanut Butter
Dried Cranberries
Ritz Crackers

Spread on a layer of peanut butter on your Ritz cracker. Top it off with a few dried cranberries. I suggest having this one open-faced!

And my last one -

Turkey Club Ritz-WICH
Turkey Slices
Bacon (cut up, already cooked)

There is so much potential for amazing when you are working with Ritz crackers! This one is perfect for snacks for a small gathering, just cook up some bacon first. First dollop some mayo onto a cracker and take a small piece of bacon and fold it up into the turkey and then put it on top of your Ritz cracker. Top it off with another Ritz and you have a turkey club Ritzwich!

What I love about putting together great snacks like these is that everyone will want to join in on this action! And that's bringing everyone together and I think that's really awesome. That's what Ritz does! It's bringing us all together.

How do you #StackItUp with Ritz?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Portland. The opinions and text are all mine.

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