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One Thing You Didn't Realize You Needed #SolarEnergy #EarthMonth

Whenever I hear things like "solar energy" I think that it's something that the bigger corporations and big cities worry about or can use. I never think that solar energy was possible for me, in my own apartment. I recently learned of a solar powered back up portable generator that turns my whole way of thinking around. Also it's a perfect time to talk about this considering the fact that April is #EarthMonth!

Everyone, meet the Lycan Powerbox. 

It's one of the things you never knew you needed and you will be very glad you purchased. Summer of last year made me think about what my options are during a heat wave if the power goes out? First of all, I don't have a car, and also, I live at the top of a hill. So I don't have quick access to air conditioning or a way to get to air conditioning. But I've been concerned because I'll need a fan on AT LEAST. Will I just wait and hope for the best? For me, and my mom, we both have a heat sensitivity and last year was one of the hottest I've dealt with so far, so I know I've had to do something about this.

With the Lycan Powerbox, I have options. It's portable and not as heavy as you might envision - about 60 pounds or less. You charge from a solar panel or wall outlet and it's ready to go for up to 900 watt-hours. THAT is pretty amazing. If you are heavily into the outdoors and camping, I think this is an incredible thing to purchase. It also has a interchangeable battery so you can keep the energy going just by replacing the battery. Be prepared to either need to get solar panels in order to charge by the sun OR be willing to plug this into an outlet.

The price in my book is a bit steep, but it's worth consideration. I've long since known that I need to be more prepared in case of emergency and portable solar energy is one of those things one the list. The Lycan Powerbox runs at an introductory rate of $999 (the early bird price) up to $1699 for the total package (include the solar suitecase, powerbox and MORE). Find out more details with their IndieGoGo campaign by following this link here.

Also make sure you check out the Renogy Store. They have so much to offer in terms of solar energy. (They have solar powered FLASH LIGHTS! I love it!)

What is in your "in case of emergency" kit? What would you recommend others have?

I received complimentary products in exchange for my article. All opinions are my own.


  1. I would love to have some solar panels on our house. It would be great for our electric bills, I know that! I cringe every time I see those electric bills!

  2. I would love having this for my small house. I too am sensitive to heat and this would be perfect for me if the power went out. I just wish I could afford one, it is a little pricey for my budget.

    1. Me too! A little too expensive for me, but it's my dream scenario that's for sure.

  3. In my dream world, I would have nice little cottage in the forest with stonework walls, large windows and completely independent of the grid. Solar panels would be great. However, I live in a tiny studio apartment so this will most like be just a nice dream!

  4. I really love your recommendations! This is very expensive, but it's a nice thought. Thanks!

  5. I to wish I had soloar pannels but my roof has vents and skylights so there is limited space for the pannels. I am not sure that your solar camping generator is big enough to be of any use. ( I don't understand the numbers You posted) Would love it you had said- I can run a fridge and a fan or whatever.

  6. I live in a building with a solar array and geothermal heating.It works perfectly.

  7. I would love to have solar panels for my home but at this point they're just too expensive. We just checked into it recently

  8. this is amazing and it will be on my dream high list

  9. I live in Florida, where the sunshine is plentiful, it would be amazing to be able to use the natural resources to save money, and our planet!

  10. Interesting!

  11. I didn't know they make these this looks amazing to use. We always worry about the power going out will have to check more into this.

  12. really great post this is a great product for those times you may do with out thanks for sharing..

  13. There is a chance you're eligible for a new government sponsored solar energy program.
    Click here and find out if you're qualified now!


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