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Quick Gluten-Free Breakfast Idea - Flax4Life Muffins [My Review]

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Recently, I had the chance to try out some amazing treats by Flax4Life. I am gluten intolerant and I often have a hard time embracing the idea of a quick breakfast. I mean the only one I can usually think of is yogurt, which maybe isn't all that quick if you have to eat on the go. I like the idea of baking something healthy in advance for the week, but realistically I don't often have the energy for that. 

I think what makes Flax4Life an excellent morning treat is that it's really filling, tastes good and you won't feel bad afterwards. Flax4Life is a family owned business and they've been in business for over 15 years now. They come from a family of gluten-intolerant as well as many who have Celiac disease - so they've been making gluten-free products for more than a decade now. They make their products in a gluten, nut AND dairy free facility. Check out their about page for more info. 

I got the chance to try out some of their muffins and some mini-brownies. First, for their muffins, I love their chocolate chip muffin. I know it maybe doesn't sound like the healthiest choice, but it offers 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and 360 calories for one muffin. That's really pretty good to me! And if you are wary of the idea of flax, you really can't tell the taste. Although I must say if you are having flax in your diet for the first time, I'd recommend having a TON of water following. I also highly recommend warming up the chocolate chip in the microwave for maybe 40 seconds to give the chocolate a chance to melt just a bit.

Now onto one of my favorite things that Flax4Life offers - the mini brownies! They have a Toasted Coconut Brownie and that is one of my favorites. I'm loving the flavor of coconut lately and this was such a gentle sweet flavor.

Of all the ones I tried out, I'm not a big fan of the carrot raisin muffins. I feel like I need a little something with it - like tons of butter or something to balance out the husky flask taste that stands out more with this flavor.

I think this makes for a fantastic breakfast idea and the mini brownies are such a fantastic treat (I recommend these cold!).  Find Flax4Life products in a store near you. And check out their website if you want to purchase online.  Be sure to like them on Facebook and Twitter.

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I hadn't heard of this company before, but I am a sucker for a good muffin. These looks really good. Thanks for reviewing these!

    1. Yeah! I highly recommend them! They may not be really easy to find in a store but if you see them, get them. :) I especially love the mini brownies!


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