About Me

After long contemplation, I started to start a third blog dedicated to product reviews. I had blogged product reviews for a while on my writing blog but found that I was alienating my dedicated writing readers who loved my content focused on my writing journey.

When I found another blogger seeking product review bloggers, I thought to join their team.

But then I found out something that isn't too much of a surprise if you know me well - I don't tend to follow really well. I like doing my own thing, especially when it comes to anything creative.

So I decided to start this blog entitled, "Fancy That!"

It will be focused on product reviews, giveaways, and maybe a few random posts that don't seem to fit on my writing blog. Either way, I hope you find this blog fun and entertaining.

If you want me to review your product or host a giveaway on this blog, let me know by sending me an email to fancythatblogger at gmail dot com.


  1. Wow, this is so refreshing, and you remind me of me. Let me look over your site a little more and I'll reach out via video conference. Would that work for you? We can just talk about your services and in particular, what you can do for my client.

    1. Definitely feel free to reach out to me soon via email!