Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Twin Engine Coffee - Organic, Artisan Coffee (Coupon inside!)

I'm really excited to have had the chance to try some unique coffees over the last few weeks. The next one up that I've tried is a really special type of coffee that also recognizes the importance of sustainability. Here are  a few important things to know about Twin Engine Coffee:
  • They are single-origin coffee. This basically means that the coffee comes from one place. And their coffee beans are crafted in Nicaragua. 
  • They are 100% organic. Organic is important because that means that the coffee is grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.
Twin Engine coffee employs farmers, artisans, artists, tasters, retailers, packers, and other suppliers which have resulted in the creation of over 400 jobs. More and more as consumers we're all making that conscious decision about the businesses we want to support and often times that starts with learning more about their global footprint. So, if you are like me and trying to make an effort with making better decisions with what you buy, you must consider Twin Engine Coffee.

Most importantly, what did I think about the coffee? As you can see pictured above, I had the chance to try a few different things by Twin Engine Coffee! 

The Estate Blend (purchase here).
Honey Bear Black (purchase here).
Caturra Tea (purchase here).

First of all, I loved the Honey Bear Black tea. It is one of their dark roasts and I thought it had sort of a smokey hint to it. And I loved the chocolate notes too. It was one that I would absolutely highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a unique dark roast coffee. As for their Estate Blend, it was a lighter roast than what I usually prefer but still very tasty. I actually thought this made for an excellent afternoon coffee to drink (but then I like coffee really late). 

Also, the tea! Oh I really enjoyed this! I actually made it into iced tea and I thought it was so good with some honey and lemon. It has such a variety of flavors within the tea that it makes it a much more unique flavor experience than my usual iced tea.

Overall, I think you need to check out Twin Engine coffee. They are a unique company with a unique product and I really love what they do. Want to give them a try? Use my coupon code: NICOLECOFFEE  and receive 20% off now through September 14th at midnight. Purchase now.

You can also like them on Facebook and also listen to their "Brewing Conversation" podcast.

I received the above photographed coffee in exchange for my honest review. 


Monday, August 26, 2019

Jet Back to School with the Jetson Scooter #ad

If I was to try and master any mode of transportation outside of my usual bus and walk modes, it would be to master to the scooter. I feel like there is a growing trend towards scooters and so I was so excited to join up with Best Buy to feature their Jetson Scooter!

Living in a city that encourages public transportation and "green" ways of living (like Portland, Oregon), means you are constantly exposed to new ways to get around with a lighter carbon footprint. The Jetson Scooter comes with a few huge perks I'd love to share with you guys as you consider adding this fun and amazing mode of transportation to your "back to school" shopping list.

What makes this scooter stand out?

First of all, it can go up to 15 mph thanks to it's 250W hub motor.

It's equipped with an ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight which improves visibility and safety while you are riding on the road.  However, unlike this photo I'm featuring here, I highly encourage you to use a helmet. In fact, your city or state may require it by law, so absolutely research the laws about electric scooters in your area. (Oregon requires helmets and electric scooters need to stay off sidewalks, for example). Check out protect gear here, by the way.

Another huge perk is solid, no flat tires absorb shock. It also comes with a concealed premium lithium-ion battery that offers an 18-mile range.

Other good factors to keep in mind:

The scooter can handle any rider up to 220.5 lbs.
Disc Brake for stopping power.
Easy foldable design for portability.

Find out more about this scooter and others by visiting this link here.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Cacao Vita - Review and Giveaway

What is your favorite flavor combination? For me, it's coffee and chocolate. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you should try Cacao Vita. I had the chance to try a couple of different items from them - one of their coffees and some of their granola! Check it out:

First, the coffee I had the chance to try. It's called Caroline St - Sumatra. It's a dark roast blend (my favorite kind!).

So, some interesting facts about this coffee. First, Cacao Vita is based in Saratoga Springs, NY and Caroline St is the hub and party central for Saratoga Springs. So this coffee is meant to represent that very same environment - fun, bold and tantalizing! 

I'm picky about my experience with coffee, so when I tried my very first sip of Cacao Vita, I was very pleasantly surprised. You can absolutely detect the notes of chocolate with the coffee as well as a fruity tasty. It's actually the type of coffee that works so well just drinking it black without cream or sugar so you can detect the different flavors that are happening.

If you are curious about this coffee and want to try some for yourself, go by Cacao Vita's website and purchase some for $13.95. Buy now.

Now for the next fun thing I got to try - the coffee granola! Whoa, if you want a little perk up with your yogurt you will want to try this granola. Check it out:

I actually tried the Java Chip kind first and wow! What an experience! First of all, it's an acquired taste I thought because I'm so used to eating really really sweet granola. And once I got used it to it, whoa I was so pleased to find this. I loved the peanut butter too (again, another favorite combo of mine, peanut butter and chocolate). The granola is more of a loose granola rather than overly clumpy so it makes it great for morning yogurt parfait! The pumpkin mocha was also a really fantastic surprise too! What I liked about all of these is while the coffee taste was there, it was gentle. Each granola had profound flavor blends and if you love anything that makes your taste buds wake up, you will want to try this. 

Overall, I love Cacao Vita and their products are so unique in flavor. Be sure to find out where you can find them in stores or purchase their products online. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

And I'm so excited to announce I get to giveaway a bag of coffee to one lucky reader! Enter via Rafflecopter below. US only. Giveaway ends on 9/6. 

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I received the above photographed items in exchange for my honest review. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Don Pablo's Coffee - Review and Giveaway

Recently, I got into a coffee rut. Have you ever been there? When your usual blends just aren't tasting the same anymore? Well, I was so excited to partner up with Don Pablo Coffee of Burke Brands and review their amazing coffee. This got me out of my coffee rut and I am so happy to share it with you all!

About Don Pablo Coffee

In 1989 by Darron J. Burke, founder of Burke Brands LLC, moved to South Florida for adventure. There, he met the love of his life, Eliana. While visiting his wife's family in Colombia, he also fell in love with Latin culture and the country's delicious coffee. The name "Don Pablo" came from Eliana's grandmother's nickname for Darron.

What makes Don Pablo coffee so unique is that it's family-owned and operated. Because of their close relationships with coffee growers, they have a dedicated source of supply of quality Arabica beans. You can read so much more about the company, their coffee roasting process, and what makes them so special by visiting their website here.

I had the chance to try out their two sampler boxes. 

Sampler A:

Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso
Char Beanz Dark Coffee
Pablo's Pride Guatemala

Sampler B:

Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend
Subtle Earth Organic Coffee
Pablo's Pride Organic Dark Roast

I have to say I was so pleased with all the coffee blends that I received. I'm a tad biased towards dark roasts. I particularly LOVED the "Char Beanz Dark Coffee" which had an intense bold taste but didn't taste burnt (which can happen with dark roasts). I was also really pleased with the Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso, which had a chocolate-y taste to it. I also really enjoyed the Cafe Don Pablo Signature blend which was a medium-dark roast. It was really flavorful and made for excellent afternoon coffee.

Overall, I think Don Pablo coffees were fantastic to try. Right now you can buy these samplers on Amazon for $29.99 (and you receive 3 12 ounce bags of coffees). This is actually a GREAT deal, especially for quality coffee. Probably the only downside about these samplers is that you can't trade out one specific coffee for another. Other than that though, you will be pleased with this coffee!

Purchase now on Amazon for $29.99. Or visit the Don Pablo website for other purchasing options.

Find them online:


Best of all, I get to give away a sampler gift box to one lucky reader! Enter via Rafflecopter below. US Only. Giveaway ends 9/7.

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I received the above photographed coffees in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, August 12, 2019

New Movie Release: Miss Arizona (And Giveaway!)

Hey folks, it's been a while! First of all, I have some great reviews and some giveaways coming up - so be on the lookout! First up is for everyone who is in need of an inspirational movie about becoming who you are meant to be. It's a movie called MISS ARIZONA. Here's a bit about the movie (as well as some photos from the film) and you will know why this is your must-see movie of the summer! (Well, what's left of the summer)

About the Movie, Miss Arizona

Rose Raynes (Johanna Braddy) was crowned Miss Arizona -- 15 years ago. Now a bored housewife trapped in a less-than-ideal marriage, she accepts an invitation to teach a life skills class at a women's shelter. Digging out the relics of her pageant queen past, Rose attempts to share her platform speech with a room of four disinterested women dodging abusive exes. But when trouble shows up at the shelter, what the women really need is for Rose's shiny SUV to keep them out of harm's way, so they embark on a wild, all-night adventure through the streets of LA. From a quick trip to the 'drug store' to an impromptu drag show, the women soon discover that inner strength, and a little help from your friends, can be the key to discovering who you are meant to be.

Inspired by the Women's March in fall 2016, writer/director Autumn McAlpin ( Waffle Street, Shadow) and award-winning producer DeAnna Cooper worked together to assemble a cast and crew that were over 70% women and/or people of color as well as putting together an impressive all-female soundtrack with hits by musicians including P!nk, Lorde, Shania Twain, Donna Summer, MILCK, Kacey Musgraves and more, all of whom loved the pro-women message of the film.

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun Times calls MISS ARIZONA, "a well-made first time feature" and says "thanks to some well-crafted dialogue and the strong performances, we can't help but get choked up when the fish-out-of-water Rose finds her footing with the help of her unexpected new friends." And Kimber Myers of The Los Angeles Times says, "Miss Arizona sparks -- particularly with its spirited cast" and that "the of-the-moment message of women's inner strength is laudable and empowering".


Now, before we get to the giveaway, make sure you watch this trailer:

Now I get to giveaway a digital copy or DVD copy of the movie to one lucky winner! Be sure to enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends 9/6.

UPDATE: Only a DVD copy of the movie will be given away, not the digital version.

If you can't wait and want to see the movie today, be sure to rent now on Amazon Prime or order the DVD (available August 26th).

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Silk18 Shampoo - Review & Giveaway

I'm fairly picky about the shampoo I use and so when I heard from Maple Holistics about trying out their Silk18 shampoo, I couldn't wait. On their website, they state that the 18 silk amino acids help "fortify hair follicles and strengthen strands to protect hair from dryness, breakage, damage, split ends, and hair fall." It also has a " nourishing formula gently cleanses dandruff, excess sebum, and impurities to leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh but not stripped." These are some amazing things to find in a shampoo!

I'm never a huge fan of washing my hair (did I say that out loud?) and find when I wash my hair a LOT it ends up being too dry. Using this shampoo was a wonderful experience. First, it smelled good - always a huge plus to me. It also made my hair really soft, and I love that. My hair ended up feeling really moisturized too and it just gave it a smooth quality I like to see (and feel) after washing my hair.

You can get the 10-ounce size shampoo on their website for $12.95 and I highly recommend you do it. This is fantastic for anyone who is picky about the shampoo they use and have sensitive skin in particular (that's me for sure). It is also paraben-free and sulfate free! All good things! Another great thing is that this is good for women AND men too.

I'm also really excited to announce that one of my readers will receive a bottle of shampoo for themselves! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends July 8th. US only.

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If you can't wait, visit their website to purchase and you can also receive a special discount too!  Make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I received the above-photographed shampoo in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Choice Organic Teas Review + Giveaway

Are you a tea fan? Whether iced or hot, I'm such a huge fan of drinking tea. There are tons of brands out there, but one in particular that I always reach for if I'm in the store or shopping for groceries online is Choice Organic Teas.

Here's a few reasons why:

  • Simple ingredients. I'm ingredient paranoid. I read the ingredients over everything that I purchase that is something I will consume and often times, even in products as simple as black and green can sometimes have things like natural flavors (a huge no-no for me).
  • Organic. Organic is the way! You don't always think of it for tea, but for me, that's another huge reason that I love Choice Organic Teas.
  • Non-GMO Certified. Ahhhh this is another important certification to me. Read about the Non-GMO Project if you are curious!
  • Fair Trade Certified. This is another certification I love to see! A company that has this label is doing good work for the people and the environment. Read more here!
So here's my four favorite teas that I love to get with Choice Organic Teas (that I had the chance to review for my blog!):

Premium Japenese Green
English Breakfast

I personally love English Breakfast and Darjeeling for the afternoon to give me an energy boost. Then for the evening I usually will alternate between Ginger and Premium Japanese Green tea for the evening before bed. 

The next time when you are in the store, I hope you look for this brand! Make sure you also shop for them online too! You can visit them online by purchase at their online store. Be sure to also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also, I'm happy to announce I get to giveaway the same four boxes of teas I received to one lucky winner! It's been a while since I've hosted a giveaway on this blog, so I'm really excited. Enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends on 6/29.

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I received the above-photographed teas in exchange for my honest review.