Saturday, March 15, 2014

Syncing Your Tweets from Multiple Twitter Accounts to Multiple Facebook Pages

I blog and social network like a boss, I must say. Now, I have three blogs I manage and that means I have three different Facebook pages I manage too. It is virtually impossible for me to sync up my Facebook account to different Twitter accounts and I am not great about using HootSuite to manage them either.


The Selective Twitter app via Facebook!

I came across the solution when I didn't want to send out a tweet to my Facebook page and only to Twitter and apparently there is a solution!

So, you go to this app and let them connect to your Facebook account. You link up via your regular profile and then there is also a pages tab where you can list which accounts will post to your different pages.

Link up a Twitter account to your personal profile (click the photo for a closer look!)

Then link up your Twitter accounts to your Facebook pages (click the photo for a closer look!)

Then, for every tweet you send out, use the hashtag "#fb" after you've connected your two accounts and you'll see the tweet get sent out to your Facebook page. See below for my own example!

Click the photo for a closer look!

It works pretty well, although I have noticed it is a little iffy at times ,especially when posting from mobile it seems. But overall it's a great solution!



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