Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Five Annoying Facebook Friends

Facebook is a staple for a lot of people. You go on, you scroll through friend's updates, compare and contrast your life to others, check out funny internet memes, and read the news. There's always those few people who bother you on Facebook and I've accumulated a small handful I've noticed that are just really irritating to me.

1) The "Un-Friender."

Okay so I've done it too. It's irritating though once you realize you aren't seeing someone's posts anymore on Facebook. You look at your friends list and you notice they aren't there. Even more annoying is that when you search for them on Facebook, it's not like they've deleted a themselves either! They are still there on Facebook. You were unfriended. It always feels personal no matter how minimal the real life connection to them.

2) The "I Like Everything" Friend.

There's always one of those supportive friends who like your posts no matter how ridiculous the status update. Those are the cool ones. And then you have the weird one who not only likes whatever you've recently shared, they've also liked everything you've EVER shared. It gets weirder if you don't know them that well.

3) The friend that stops existing online.

We've all been done it, but it's particularly annoying when suddenly someone who you used to see the posts of, has suddenly stopped. Worse, you realize they have deleted their Facebook account completely. Sometimes it is the only way you really have to keep in touch with

4) The Perfect Plans Friend

Sure, I may be a tad envious, but you also have the friend who seems to have the perfect situation happening at any given moment. It's the kind of person that can make reading a book on a Saturday an envious activity even if you are doing the same exact thing. I guess it's all with how you sell it.

5) The friend who never replies to your comments.

Ever have the friend that you'll comment on their post and they never ever reply to what you say or even like the post as acknowledgement?  Isn't this irritating?

Which social media behaviors bother you? 


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