Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On My First Time Ordering Schwan's

I live in a pretty big apartment complex and on a semi-regular occasion I will see my neighbor's order Schwan's. They have a pretty familiar truck that you see around too and I have long wondered what their food is like and whether it would be the right fit for me and my family.

Well I finally got the chance to try Schwan's! I received $25 to spend and promptly went to their site to see what I could find.

I have also gone gluten free so it was very important to see a wide variety of options. I mostly ended up purchasing vegetables, such as broccoli, seasoned potatoes and mixed colored bell peppers (and onions). I also purchased a packaging of rice and a box of their lemonade! When I was browsing their website I also noticed they had an excellent selection of meats that I could choose from as well as yummy desserts.

First of all, I was really impressed with how much I could purchase for $25! For first time shoppers like me, you get a really great coupon code (which I will provide to you at the bottom of this post!) and you get a nice discount off your purchase which allowed me to be flexible in what I could buy.

Second, delivery was very quick. I made the purchase over the labor day weekend and it was delivered to me that same week. What I like best about purchasing from them is you could tell them a delivery window, which is so important to me because I do get home pretty late and I don't exactly trust my apartment complex management to let me know when a delivery arrives.

So the food! The most important part! The food comes and it's frozen so you can put it in your freezer. It definitely lasts long and the quality still stays fresh (I still have potatoes to make!). I tried their broccoli and I was nicely surprised! It tasted really well and one packaged cooked enough for three servings with a little left over. For another meal, I made rice and I cooked the package of peppers and onions to go with it.  This was very very good and it was so nice to have an easy lunch to make like this.

Next was the lemonade. Trust me, I will return to Schwan's for their lemonade ALONE. It was raspberry lemonade and it was perfect for the heatwave that still continues to beat up my neck of the woods. It wasn't too tart OR too sweet, it was just right. I made a huge pitcher of it and it lasted through the week.

Overall, I am very impressed with their delivery service! I think that if you are looking to take the burden of grocery shopping off your shoulders, you should seek out Schwan's. The benefits are that you get a lot for your money, the delivery is fast and you can select the time frame you want them to arrive, and the food is very good. I may get adventurous next time and try a delivery of their meats, such as chicken. I would say the only downside is that if you are gluten-free you may find that not too many options are available. I wish they would expand some of their recipes to include gluten free pastas and other alternatives.

Here are some of the other rewards I have learned about -

Simplified mealtimes with over 350 High-quality affordable food choices
USDA Choice Meats
Grade A Vegetables
Wild-Caught Fish and Seafood
Delivered right to your door for your convenience

No Contracts
No Minimum Orders 
No Payment Required Until Delivery
Schwan's Reward Points (Save 5% on all future orders)

If you want to give Schwan's a try, I am happy to give you these coupons to apply to your order!

$5 off $25 Order – Code: JULIEN2
$10 off $50 Order – Code: JULIEN2
$15 off $75 Order – Code: JULIEN15

I received a complimentary gift card in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I love the delivery of food. . Right! Thanks for sharing the coupon codes!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to try Schwans, especially some of their desserts -and I see the trucks riding around the neighborhoods sometimes.

  3. I have always wondered about them too and the raspberry lemonade sounds fantastic!!

  4. I LOVE Schwans! Just recently tried them myself and we are now hooked on their fajita chicken meat. Their ice cream was really good too. Thanks so much for your honest review!

  5. Wow the lemonade sounds yummy. I heard that they have good ice cream too.

  6. My mother in law use to order from Schwans all of the time! I'd love to try them out, I always loved the food at her house!

  7. I've always wondered about Schwans! So tempting, but I don't know of any local vendors... I think I need to investigate. You got so much for $25!

  8. thanks for the coupon code. I have ordered from Schwan's before and they do have great food.

  9. I have always wonder about them too. Sounds like to get a lot for your money.

  10. I am a huge fan of Schwanns!! Thanks for the great post!

  11. Oh my goodness, I haven't had anything from Schwan's for years!!! It's nice to know that they're still in business. I'll have to check to see if they're in my area at all so I can use that code & get some ice creams. :)