Sunday, July 10, 2016

Is Culer Right For You? (My Review + Giveaway)

I had the chance to review the Culer Evaporative Cooler. Do you know what an evaporative cooler is? Well, if you don't know, it works very differently from an air conditioner. Evaporative coolers use water to extract heat from the air when it evaporates (which reduces the temperature of the air).  The Culer technology uses micro-droplets that simply flash evaporate which makes for better cooling.

I did a little research about evaporative coolers before using the "Culer" just to see how things would work differently for me. I found out that air flow is very important to making this work and so the opposite goes for an evaporative cooler than for an air conditioner. So, get those windows open and fans going!

evaporative cooler

So I set this up in the back bedroom that gets a pretty decent cross breeze. The Culer is really easy to set up. You just pour water into the back of it. I set it up so it coordinated with fans that I have in the window to really let the cooler air flow. 

The day that I used it wasn't on a particularly boiling hot day, but I noticed a significant difference in temperature in the bedroom that I used it in (I shut the door to this bedroom while the Culer was on, actually). It was at least ten degrees cooler in this room than in the other parts of my apartment. 

Noise level wise, I thought it was fairly loud but than during the summer, I am so used to having a million fans going, that I was used to it. My apartment tends to sound like an airplane hanger in the hottest summer days!

Honestly though since receiving the cooler, I've had maybe a couple of 80ish days. This works best in the bedroom I selected for it, though. I tried in the living room which is a bigger space and it didn't work QUITE as well during the hottest parts of the day but I still appreciated it.

NOTE: After sharing my experience with the Culer, I found out from the company contact I'm in touch with that actually that "no portable evaporative air cooler is designed to cool entire rooms / spaces/ homes. Portable evaporative air coolers are designed for personal cooling. So although they will not reduce the temperature of the air in the entire living room for example, our products will drop the temperature of the airflow or breeze that you control to provide you or a group with a far more cool and comfortable personal space within the surrounding setting (that will be warmer). "

I am eager to see how this will do in the days where it's REALLY hot. If I can keep at least one bedroom very cool I would be so happy. I think though that this is more of a personal air conditioner. (but remember, it isn't really an air conditioner! It works differently  - more like a personal air COOLER that helps cool me off no matter where I'm at; which is a pretty awesome perk).

Some additional info provided to me by Culer

"If you place any type of portable evaporative air cooler (ours or another product) in an enclosed space (all windows and doors shut), you will add humidity to the room, reduce the cooling performance and, over time, get things damp. So great that you made your readers aware.

If you use indoors to supplement the AC (AC is still running), however, you can use your portable flash-evaporative cooler without opening all windows and doors to the outside. You just need to use in a larger open space (near an entryway) to allow for circulation – the AC will help to circulate the air and remove humidity. Again, If you are using indoors without an AC (or the AC is off), it is recommended that you open windows or doors to allow for circulation and ventilation. Following these tips should maximize cooling, limit the increase in humidity and almost eliminate the chance of getting anything damp."

Right now you can purchase the on Amazon for $199,  And you know I took a peek at their Duet and on Amazon for $249. I'd say that is a really good deal - and personally, I'd go for the Duet, I think that's a perfect deal for the summer time! 

I am very excited that one of my lucky readers can win a Solo Culer for themselves! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Ends 7/31. US Only.

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I received a Solo Culer in exchange for my honest review. Note: Culer provided me with additional information on how the Culer and how evaporative cooler's work so I wanted to be sure to provide that to my readers.



  1. Simple 3-step operation combined with a low maintenance, pad-free design provide years of low cost, trouble-free use.

    this works for me thanks

  2. capable of providing cooling comfort indoors

  3. I learned--"Consuming only 35 watts of energy means you can operate your CULER SOLO flash-evaporative air cooler for less than a penny per hour" This is amazing! I did not realize such a product existed. We have a very small home (not quite "tiny"...but close) and I can think of uses for this in every room.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  4. I learned that it has patented flow blurring technology that atomizes water to uniform micro-droplets which are flash evaporated to reduce the temperature of the exiting air. This sounds easy to run as well.

  5. I learned that there are no pads to clean, replace, or treat with chemicals.

  6. I learned that The CULER® SOLO™ flash-evaporative air cooler is the coolest, easiest, most portable evaporative air cooler, capable of providing cooling comfort indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go.

  7. I learned that it "Simple 3-step operation combined with a low maintenance, pad-free design provide years of low cost, trouble-free use." I also learned that it is lightweight and uses low voltage for lower energy consumption.

  8. I love that it consumes only 35 watts of energy means you can operate your CULER SOLO flash-evaporative air cooler for less than a penny per hour.

  9. I learned that the CULER SOLO is designed for years of trouble-free use. There are no pads to clean, replace, or treat with chemicals.

  10. Low maintenance, years of trouble free use! I love that!

  11. I learned (and really liked) that there are no pads to clean, treat or replace and the filter doesn't require regular replacement.

  12. I had never even heard of it, so I learned that it helps keep you cool. I also learned that it uses water to function, and is low maintenance

  13. I learned it consumes only 35 watts of energy. There are few appliances that can say that. A Culer would be perfect for our kitchen which does not have enough vents for cool air for its size.

  14. I loearned Do not use in an enclosed space, as this will increase humidity / moisture


  15. I learned that the Culer uses Flow Blurring® technology reducing the temperature of the airflow by using the earth’s own natural cooling process.

  16. I learned that there are no pads that need to be replaced or cleaned!

  17. Something that i learned is : The temperature change of the airflow will vary depending on the temperature, humidity and other variables in your location

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