Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Ways to Save on Spending this Spring

Spring is almost here! Alright, so really it's a few weeks away and a lot of areas are dealing with some cold temperatures still. I can't be the only one thinking and planning for this season already, right?

So if you are on a tight budget, you are probably looking for ways to save without breaking the bank. From fashion to food to entertainment, I wanted to highlight a few spots where you can save money without spending a lot of money!

1) Save on Groceries.

There are a few apps I want to recommend. First, iBotta. Have you heard of this one? Basically you redeem money back after you purchase the item at the store. I've had some occasional success with this and was able to cash out once at $20. A lot of the things I buy aren't really on here too often but it does add up. They offer also generic things like buying a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk will get you some change back.

Also another one to consider is - Checkout51! This is similar to iBotta but I feel like  I like this a tad better. They're app is easier to navigate as well. You do scan some items but it's clearer to figure out if your product matches with the offer (I had issues with that with iBotta).  I believe that when you are ready to checkout (at $20) they will send you a check.

Also, some areas where you will find some great coupons - Mambo Sprouts, Hopster, and Lozo (which is a fantastic way to see most available coupons at once!)

2) Save on Style.

There are definitely amazing ways to save on style. First StyleWe has some amazing savings on clothes that you can find. Same with Just Fashion Now. They offer up some amazing deal on fashion for the spring that you must check out!

One other ways that you can save with fashion is by selling some of your clothes! Poshmark is one place you can go to. Also if you want an different way to shop, use Listia! You basically use points you've earned on the site to purchase things (usually you only have to pay shipping costs, sometimes not even that!). You can get a ton of points by listing some of your own stuff you don't want anymore.  I highly recommend it because a lot of fashion is listed on the site!

3) Save on Entertainment.

One cool tip is that if you want access to free movies, make sure you see if "Advanced Screenings" is in your area. They offer up ways you can get advanced screenings to movies and this is an excellent way of saving while still having fun! Also, if you want to put together a decently sized reading list for a long weekend, make sure you check out Overdrive. You can borrow ebooks with a library card from a library within your area. It's easy to use whether you use your Kindle to read or any smart phone. I personally use this all the time!

So this of course just scratches the surface and there are so many resources out there in your local area on how to get deals on things you enjoy the most. Hopefully I've helped you out with finding some new gems!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Coffee Suggestion: Ethical Bean Coffee - Tasty Coffee, Doing Good for the World [My Review]

I'm such a coffee fanatic and any chance I can find a new coffee company, I'm all over it to try out their coffee! I came across "Ethical Bean Coffee" lately and was so happy to try out some of their dark roast coffee.

One thing that makes Ethical Bean Coffee stand out is that they make their coffee using fairtrade certified organic beans. This means that they are using an alternative system to produce and trade coffee.  And Fair trade regulations ensure that participants are operating in a fair and just manner. Find out more here.

Plus one thing that is extremely cool about Ethical Bean is that you can actually track your coffee's journey from farm to shelf! I think this is so amazing. I love how they are uniquely creating a way for you to connect even more with your coffee. This is the first time I've ever seen anything like this and it makes me want to buy the coffee so I can give it a try!

I had the chance to try out their Superdark French Roast and their Ethical Bean Bold Coffee blend. You know,  I absolutely enjoyed both. They have such rich coffee and it was so flavorful. Sometimes with dark roasts the beans end up tasting so burnt and I can't enjoy it. But these roasts were so rich.

Right now you can buy their coffee on Amazon and it costs about $10-$11 right now. Considering the quality of coffee you are receiving, this is absolutely worth buying. If you are a dark roast fan, you must try their dark roast coffees. You won't be disappointed! I also think you should check out their medium roast coffee even because it's such a good company.  Purchase their coffees now.

One lucky winner will receive a case of Ethical Bean coffee! It will be 6 bags of their whole bean or compostable pods. Enter to win via Rafflecopter. Ends 3/17.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gluten Free Treat Ideas: Cocomels - An Amazing Sweet Treat That Is Gluten-Free (or Dairy or Soy Free)

Being gluten intolerant has created some challenges for me. From being cautious with foods I'm selecting to researching the menu of a restaurant I visit to refraining from letting my sweet tooth guide what I eat before I have the chance to inspect ingredient lists. And when I had the chance to try out "Cocomels" I couldn't wait to see what they were like.

Cocomels were started by founder "JJ" who wanted a company that was like Willy Wonka with a twist - candies healthier for our bodies. And then the experimentation began! He tried out different treats and recipes to create this tasty before you treat. Read more about Cocomels beginnings over on their About page.

I received a few different varieties to try! I tried the Espresso, the Sea Salt, the Original and the Vanilla. You know at first I was a little wary, because I thought at first it was hard candy when I took a look at what the Cocomels were like. But they soften as you start to enjoy them and they taste so uniquely sweet. They have a gentle coconut flavor complimented by their corresponding flavors. My favorite of all was Sea Salt. I absolutely enjoyed that!

I actually think these are a PERFECT treat for someone that maybe isn't able to enjoy the usual candies and chocolates out there. I had a coworker who couldn't have dairy or soy and I offered her some and she was so happy! I think this is a great way to surprise someone who maybe can't always enjoy the usual treats that other people do.

And you know for a variety pack of 4, it's $21.99 right now! I think that's an amazing deal and worth buying that's for sure. They also offer chocolate covered cocomels and I would love to try those, I'll bet they would be amazing. Check them out.

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I'm also so happy to announce that one of my lucky readers will win a Cocomels Prize Pack! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Ends 3/5.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.